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Design your own home, you know better than anyone what you want in your house. I recommend using a simple program called Home Plan Pro or 3d Home Architect ,Try or Buy HomePlan Pro Here- only $39! I really like it and am sure you will find it easy to use, there is a free 30 day download to try it out. 3d Home Architect has the ability to automatically generate a 3d image of your house and you can then make a walk through. I have taken many peoples 3d home files and turned them into custom home plan permit sets. Send us your computer files from 3d home architect and we will turn your creation into a set of custom home plan blueprints that you can get a permit with as well as an accurate quote from builders.

Be sure you know the width and length of your lot before you start. Then take away all setbacks, usually five to ten feet for side setbacks, 25′ feet for the front setback, and 15′ feet for the rear setback.

You will have to check with your local building authority to find out for sure. The area left over after taking away all the setbacks is the area you can build in. You might have other considerations that dictate how much house you can put on the ground floor, it is called the Floor Area Ratio ( FAR).

One way to start getting an idea of your spaces and their relationships with each other is to cut out pieces of cardboard to scale in the size of the rooms you want. Use a scale that is easy to manage, like 1/4″ inch equals one foot. Put the pieces together and think of the way they affect the front elevation and the way people move through the house, privacy considerations, and inter relationships with the other rooms.